Health Management

Raising a resilient flock

The health of your flock and the solutions you implement during grow-out play an important role in managing Salmonella. Vaccinations, feed additives and water solubles can help strengthen bird health, giving your flock the ability to fight infections and reach their potential.

Producing the safest product


When it comes to Salmonella mitigation during the grow-out phase, the goal is to decrease the Salmonella load the flock will bring into the processing plant.

"Before you can develop an effective vaccination strategy, you have to know what serotypes are an issue."

Bird health and food safety go hand in hand.

“Managing food and water line sanitation is obviously important,” says Sara Steinlage, D.V.M., Poultry Technical Advisor for Elanco. “But maintaining gut integrity can strengthen a bird’s ability to combat a potential infection on their own.”

"Making sure we have solid programs in place to control and manage gut integrity helps each bird convert to its full potential."


Vaccination programs

  • Live Salmonella vaccines
  • Vaccination protocols

Proper housing techniques and practices

  • Feed management
  • Water sanitation and disinfection
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Air quality
  • Litter management
  • Downtime and cleanout processes
  • Biosecurity and personnel protocols

Pest management

  • Fly control
  • Darkling beetle control
  • Rodent control
  • Chemical class rotation (pesticides)
  • Dead bin management
  • Monitoring program and protocol

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